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15 responses to “SUN Cellular Call and Surf: Unlimited Mobile Internet Postpaid Plans”

  1. Personal

    How fast is the mobile internet surfing? and have you tried internet tethering? (connecting other device to the internet tru your phone).

    THank you in advance for your feedback!

  2. blogsy

    Hi Personal, their mobile internet surfing is sooooo slow. :-( I guess if you plan on subscribing with a postpaid plan to any network (Smart, Globe or SUN), better try their service first with prepaid access for a day, see if the service is fast in your area. Here at home, i can only connect to chat programs and other apps. Browsing is just too slow. I have read other subscribers’ experience with SUN mobile internet and there were no complaints about slow access. Maybe I am just so unlucky to be in a low-signal area. :-(

    Regarding internet tethering, I still have not tried it on the xperia. I’ll be posting some feedback if ever I get to use it.

    1. Micollo

      Regarding slow browse try to set your phone to WCDMA or 3G and not automatic, in that way the device won’t transfer data signals from GSM Edge to 3G/HSDPA which results to slow internet connectivity when browsing. However it will drain your battery juice overtime. Works best with my sun call&surf plan using Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android OS. It is also good in tethering either wifi or usb. You can download some apps on the android market to use with tethering, pretty handy when the good old unreliable DSL is down…XD

      1. blogsy

        Hi Micollo,
        Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it sometime. Nowadays I am not always using my phone’s internet connection.

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  6. Dana

    Hello there! Glad the instructions helped. And thanks for sharing my post’s link. :)

    -Little Miss Geek

  7. blogsy

    Hi Dana aka Little Miss Geek! Thanks for dropping by… :)

  8. apple reyes

    kindly give me info about your latest plans promo.. Thanks and god Bless

    1. blogsy

      Hi Apple,
      you can get the latest plans promo from SUN in their newsroom:

      They have a promo for new applicants to citibank credit cards, a free android phone LG Optimus ME for PLan 350. You can read more about it here:

      By the way, this website is not affiliated with Sun Cellular or Citibank.

  9. jose rey

    how come i still cant connect to sun’s mobile internet despite doing the manual configuration as written in little miss geek’s website? pls help

    1. blogsy

      Hello Jose Rey,
      Sorry no idea about that. Better go to SUN’s business center and let them check your phone.

  10. Mel

    Sun Cellular is slow! Don’t bother. Their support don’t know what they’re doing either. After 4 calls to tech support and 2 calls to customer service, its still slow. They promised 2mbps, I’m not even getting 1mbps.

  11. Mark

    Please i have sun cell internet, they said “up to 7.2MBs” but my internet speed was 1-20kbs. i never see my internet speed up to 50kbs. or higher. They only use that as business strategy to attract people. Spend your money wisely.

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